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Yellow penguin spotted in Antarctica—here’s why it’s so rare

On an expedition to the South Atlantic in 2019, Belgian photographer Yves Adams anticipated a well-known sight: king penguins, simply recognized by the black and yellow feathers adorning their heads and necks, and the orange flash of coloration operating the size of their beaks. On the shore often called Salisbury Plains on South Georgia Island, […]

Was Stonehenge originally built in Wales? A new study says so

The bluestones of Stonehenge, which kind a part of the world-famous prehistoric monument, have been recycled from an excellent older monument in Wales, based on new analysis by archaeologists, who’ve discovered proof for a stone circle of similar diameter additionally aligned on the midsummer solstice at Waun Mawn within the Preseli Hills, close to the […]

How to furnish the living room to make it perfect

The living room represents the heart of the house, indeed, it is its image. It is the environment in which we spend the most time, where we meet with friends and relatives, where we go away for moments of relaxation in front of the TV or with a good book. Yet, even if we take for granted […]

The Great British art tour: the master of the naturally beautiful look

There are tulips, roses, irises, forget-me-nots, daffodils, and snake’s head fritillaries among the many huge array of colourful flowers on show right here. Their elongated stems overlap as if they’re nonetheless rising and competing for a chief place within the association. Nicknamed “Velvet” for his potential to color with enviable precision and delicacy,  he was […]

Is there good music and bad music?

When we listen to classical music, retro songs or even jazz, we often start to say: “this is good music”. The opposite is also true, and we can then hear ”  it’s bad music!”  “, Or”  Are you listening to that?  ” The question that arises is: ”  is there then bad music?  “. Normally the answer is no, because it is simply […]

Lighting In Home Interior Decor

Whether or not you’re designing a child room, a house theater, or perhaps a toilet, there’s all the time one aspect that you have to contemplate above all else: lighting. The colours, room scheme, or the final design of a room are depending on what sort of lighting situations you have got. The form of […]

A black-footed ferret has been cloned, a first for a U.S. endangered species

Scientists have efficiently cloned an endangered black-footed ferret, utilizing preserved cells from a wild animal. That is the primary time any native endangered species has been cloned in the US. The advance is a milestone for the conservation of black-footed ferrets, North America’s solely native ferret. This species was as soon as discovered over huge […]

In Baltimore, A Formerly Industrial Loft Is Now A Serene, Light-filled Home

When Laura Hodges was requested to renovate a Baltimore loft, the Maryland-based designer put her first-rate coaching to the check. Born within the U.Okay., Hodges obtained a level from the New York Faculty of Inside Design and honed her eye whereas working for designers Jamie Drake and Thomas Jayne. In 2016 she relocated to Maryland, […]